Parent Teacher Association

Newpark’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is an energetic and dedicated group of parents and teachers. The committee is elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting each September, and then meets monthly thereafter until June.

The committee elects three officers: Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. The remainder of the committee is made up of a minimum of seven parents and a minimum of two teachers. The Association aims to have a mix of men and women on its committee. All committee activities are undertaken on a voluntary basis.

All parents or legal guardians of students attending Newpark School are automatically members of the Association.

The aims of the Association are to:

  • Provide a forum to represent the views of parents to the Principal and the Board of Management, principally through monthly meetings during the school year.
  • Support the aims and objectives of the School.
  • Encourage parent participation in school activities.
  • Organise social events including the Annual Pre-Debs Reception and parents’ evening social get togethers.
  • Organise information evenings for parents.
  • Organise fundraisers and social events to provide additional items for the students and teaching staff. Just a few examples of PTA-run activities are:
    • Christmas Fair & Raffle – Social & Fundraiser
    • Quiz Night – 2015 & 2016 – Social & Fundraiser
    • Fine Art and Interiors Auction Update 2014 – Fundraiser
    • Buy a Brick Campaign (2012-2015) – New School Fundraiser
    • Used School Uniform Sales at end of year
  • Prepare / maintain 1st Year Contact List – Parent2Parent Link.
  • Engage with the Student Council on an ongoing basis.
  • Currently the PTA are working with a number of students who are designing and producing much needed additional indoor seating.

Joining the PTA

Interested in joining the PTA? Nominations will be accepted in the two weeks prior to the AGM.

Ideally submit your nominations via email to before the meeting (Nominations will be accepted at the AGM as well.)

If you prefer not to be a committee member, but would still like to get involved, don’t worry there’s room for you too! Come along to the AGM and find out what we’re up to. The AGM is held annually in September each year but you can contact the PTA at any time via email to

(For a copy of the PTA Rules click here.)

Can You Help or Offer a Skill?

If you are a Newpark parent, a past pupil, a past pupil’s parent or a member of the wider Newpark School community and would like to offer help or some expertise to the school on a voluntary basis, the school and PTA would love to hear from you.

It is of great benefit to the school when support and expertise is given back to the school by the greater Newpark Community, and it enhances the ability of the school to provide an ever improving education experience for the Newpark students.

Perhaps you have a craft or a professional skill that the school might benefit from, or perhaps you have some free time and could help out in the library, with the school newsletter, with a fundraising event, driving the school bus or with lost property etc. If you would like to offer help, please contact the PTA at or leave a note in the PTA letter box, which is located in the school entrance foyer to the right of the reception desk.


All committee meetings are held on Wednesdays, in the School, at 8:00pm. Meetings are listed in the school calendar. A downloadable copy of agreed meeting dates is found here.


Becky Johnston, Chairperson (4th Year Parent)
Sheelagh Parker, Co-Secretary (4th Year Parent)
Phoebe Crowe, Co-Secretary (1st & 6th Year Parent)
Jonathan Chawke, Co-Treasurer and Board of Management Parent’s Representative (1st & 4th Year Parent)
Sinead Hanna, Co-Treasurer (4th & 6th Year Parent)
Derek Lowry, Principal
Geraldine Cloney, Teacher Representative
Mick Power, Teacher Representative
Alish Hogarty (1st, 4th & 6th Year Parent)
Aoibhinn King (2nd Year Parent)
Beryl Alvey (4th Year Parent)
Dearbhla Lawlor (3rd Year Parent)
Debbie Emerson (3rd Year Parent)
Derbhal Cummins (2nd Year Parent)
Ian Gemmell (3rd Year Parent)
James O’Sullivan (2nd Year Parent)
Joanne Olliver (1st & 3rd Year Parent)
Julian Carvill (2nd & 5th Year Parent)
Lar Murray (1st & 4th Year Parent)
Lizzy Pashley (2nd Year Parent)
María José Alvarez (4th Year Parent)
Marie Fahy (3rd & 6th Year Parent)
Marie McCullagh (2nd Year Parent)
Michelle Lindsay (3rd & 6th Year Parent)
Sandra Richardson (1st, 4th & 6th Year Parent)
Sandra Stewart (3rd Year Parent)
Stuart McCudden (1st Year Parent)
Tanya Kiang (2nd Year Parent)
Trisha McKinney (2nd & 4th Year Parent)
Venetia Hamilton (1st & 3rd Year Parent)
Ziene Mottiar (3rd & 5th Year Parent)


Contact the PTA at or leave a note in the PTA letter box, which is located in the school entrance foyer to the right of the reception desk.

Parent Community on Facebook

Parents can have discussions and support each other by way of social media on Facebook by going to the Parents of Kids in Newpark Comprehensive School group.

Social Media on Facebook & Twitter

General information about the school can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.