European Section


What is the European Section?
The French European Section is an extensive French course. It was created in 1995 by the French Embassy’s cultural services in Dublin. It gives students the opportunity to enrol in intensive French classes, as well as French culture and cooking courses all given in French.

Who can join the European Section?
Any student who has a keen interest in languages; who wants to be more challenged and study the French language and culture more in depth.
Students are not required to have studied French before joining, nor are they required to have French parents or French ties.

What does the course look like?
At Junior Certificate level, students have 3 classes of French per week as well as one or two classes of culture and one double class of cooking.
At Leaving Certificate level, students have five or six classes of French per week.
Students also have the opportunity to sit the DELF exam in second, fourth and fifth year.

What is the DELF exam?
DELF stands for “Diplôme d’Étude en Langue Française”. It is an internationally recognised qualification which certifies the French language skills of the holder. Its validity is permanent.

What are the benefits of the European Section?
– smaller classes
– native teachers
– participation in a trip to France in 2nd year
– greater exposure to the language and culture
– opportunity to acquire an internationally-recognised language certification
– the European Section Option is part of the new Junior Certificate

Should you have any questions about the European Section, please talk to Ms Tessier (European Section Coordinator and teacher).