Mission Statement

Aide toi, je t’aiderai


Newpark Comprehensive School is a supportive, kind, and respectful community that encourages the development of creative, independent, lifelong learners. The School is a pluralist community where a diversity of cultures, beliefs, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and socio-economic backgrounds is deemed integral to the School. In Newpark, all are equal, difference is valued, and diversity is embraced.


Newpark encourages students to fulfil their potential in all areas of school life. The School’s comprehensive curriculum offers many different educational experiences, empowering students to develop their individual skills and abilities.


The School endeavours to nurture and inspire all its students. Each student is encouraged to strive for academic excellence within their own potential. All students will have a balanced, holistic, and comprehensive education which emphasizes academic, creative, practical, emotional, spiritual, sporting, and social development. The School is committed to creating an enjoyable environment in which the strengths of every person in the community are nurtured.


Newpark believes in and encourages positive personal relationships between all members of the school community. The School maintains a culture of respect through restorative practice and endeavours to develop empathy and a sense of belonging. While supporting and encouraging independence, Newpark advocates for and empowers students to be active citizens committed to sustainable development in their local communities and in national and global settings. Newpark wants each student to move forward on a path in life that maintains, sustains, and challenges their skills and talents, and in doing so, encourages lifelong learning.