Board of Management

Newpark School

The Board has responsibility, derived from the Patron, to manage the school and to uphold the characteristic spirit of the school, as defined by its values and traditions.

The current members of the Board are as follows:

Robert Grier Chairperson and Archbishop’s nominee
Rev Canon Gillian Wharton Archbishop’s nominee
Rev John Tanner Archbishop’s nominee
Julia Fox Archbishop’s nominee
Paul Kingston Archbishop’s nominee
Sandra Richardson Archbishop’s nominee
Jonathan Chawke Parent nominee
Karen Ruddock Parent nominee
Cathy Devis Teacher nominee
Sheila Ahern Teacher nominee
Paddy Lavelle Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB nominee
Eoin Norton Secretary

The Board determines the policies that are necessary for the effective running of the school and ensures that they are consistent both in content and in implementation.

The Board leads in:

  • determining the development of the school and providing effective management for it;
  • the appointment of professionally qualified staff who are committed to the characteristic spirit of the school;
  • providing a support structure to enable the Principal and staff to exercise educational leadership.


All correspondence to the Board should be sent by post to the Secretary, BOM, at the school address or emailed to to arrive no later than the close of business on the Friday prior to a Board meeting for inclusion at that meeting.