Voluntary Contribution

The easiest way for families to contribute voluntarily to the school each year is via VSware – https://newparkschool.vsware.ie/Login.jsp. After log in, click on the ‘€ Fee’ tab and pay with any card.

You can also pay by electronic fund transfer (EFT) or by setting up a standing order with the school. See Voluntary Contribution Standing Order Form for details on how to do this. Please reference all payments via EFT or standing order with your child’s name. Payments by cash or cheque can be submitted to the school office and all queries in relation to payment methods should be directed to office@newparkschool.ie

We also encourage you to submit a CHY3 Certificate and return to the school office, as this tax relief is of enormous benefit to the school.

Finally, you might also like to check with your employer as to whether they offer a corporate matching gift program. 78% of match eligible donors have no idea their companies offer such a program.

Newpark sincerely thanks all families who make a voluntary contribution to the school and indeed, thanks all the parents and guardians who contribute to the school in a variety of other ways with their time and expertise.