Eoin Norton, Principal

Eoin Norton, Principal

Newpark is a caring, friendly school that provides an atmosphere for constructive and creative learning for students of all backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities. It is a supportive and compassionate community in which students are provided with every opportunity to achieve their chosen goals. Newpark is proud to equip its students with a balanced outlook on life, work and leisure.

Care is taken to develop an effective working relationship between teachers and students where respect and tolerance are central. This student centred environment is supported by an extensive student support system of Form Teachers, Year Leaders, Guidance Counsellors, Nurses and Chaplains.

Newpark fosters close links with parents and guardians and has a vibrant Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This group is active in fundraising and providing a forum to support parents. Former students and staff participate in the life of the school through their encouragement and support for various events.

The Newpark Sports Centre and the Newpark Academy of Music are located on campus and Avoca Hockey Club, one of Ireland’s oldest clubs, has a long association with Newpark. The wider community may also avail of a variety of adult education programmes through the Newpark Adult Education Centre.

A number of courses which reflect Newpark’s comprehensive educational ethos are offered: the Junior Certificate Programme; the Transition Year Programme; the Leaving Certificate Programme; the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme and the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme. A partnership established between the French government and Newpark in 1995 has led to the provision of a European Section for students with a French family background or a potential for language acquisition.

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Eoin Norton