Green Schools

Green Schools Newpark has been active since 2013. In that time we have been
awarded two flags, a Young Environmentalist Award and are working on our third flag.

Green Schools Newpark is supported by a dedicated team of students from all years as well as
passionate members of staff and the PTA. Their goal is to promote sustainability across the
school, to help to protect our planet and make Newpark a green space.

The Green Schools committee make up the core of Green Schools Newpark. Students
from all years meet in G8 every lunchtime on Monday and anyone is welcome to join at any
time. Here they discuss current projects being undertaken as well as how to progress in the future.
It is here that the vital work of planning how the school is to get its green flag, is done. The
committee is chaired and coordinated by Ms Achari and Ms Grant.

Green Schools Newpark was founded in September 2013 back when the school was still
using the prefab buildings. Since then the team has worked hard to earn both a green flag for
waste and a green flag for energy. The team are currently working on our green flag for water
and we hope to earn it by 2019.

Green Schools Newpark activities often stretch far beyond Newpark and Blackrock.
Students have done beach cleans in Killiney, Dun Laoghaire and Booterstown, attended conferences such as the Green Schools Expo in the RDS, the Eco-Conference in the Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council buildings and the Water Forum in Newbridge county Kildare.

We have also had the opportunity to travel to the Helix in DCU when we achieved both our green flags. The furthest we have travelled was when transition year students got to spend three days in
Cloughjordan Ecovillage in county Tipperary!

People from all across the school are involved with Green Schools Newpark, not just the
people on the committee. The art and engineering departments have worked on upcycling
projects and work to use sustainable materials. The science and geography departments have
educated students about the effects of climate change and pollution as well as the causes and
physics behind them. The political and societal effects of ecological issues have been covered
in CSPE classes as well as in Politics and Society classes, with many students doing their
CSPE action projects on environmental issues.

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