School Evaluation & Improvement

In line with best practice, the School engages in School Improvement Planning (SIP) and School Self-Evaluation (SSE). The focus of this planning and evaluation changes on an annual or biennial basis. In the past, planning has focused on improving aspects of transition year, numeracy, assessment, teacher feedback, learner reflection, learner goal setting; always with the overall aim of improving one or more of learning, teaching, assessment and reporting (TLAR) in the School.

In 2021/2022, the focus of planning and evaluation is on the continued provision of schooling in the pandemic context and on lesson planning in light of the transition from 40-minute to 60-minute class periods.

Previous SIP and SSE reports for the school community are below:


The Department of Education Inspectorate visits Newpark intermittently for a range of advisory, evaluation and research inspections. This engagement seeks to support the School in its continued improvement. Reports from inspections are available on the Department of Education website A link to each report can also be found below.


Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling report, October 2021

WSE MLL report, March 2020

English Inspection 2019

French Inspection 2017

Geography Inspection 2016

DCG & Construction Studies Inspection 2013

Science & Physics Inspection 2011

SPHE Inspection 2009

Metalwork & Engineering Inspection 2009

French Inspection 2009

Maths Inspection 2009

Irish Inspection 2009

Whole School Evaluation 2009

German Inspection 2007

PE Inspection 2006