School Improvement & Inspections

In 2015, as part of our ongoing work in the school, we conducted a school self- evaluation of transition year and numeracy. We evaluated aspects of transition year and numeracy strengths and weaknesses in first year. This school improvement plan sets out the actions that we will undertake in the school over the following three years in the areas identified above. The main purpose of these actions is to improve our students’ learning.

We also created a School Self Evaluation (SSE) report for the school community.

Over the last few years the school has had a number of whole school and subject department inspections. The inspection reports are available on the DES website A link to each one can also be found below.

English Inspection 2019

French Inspection 2017

Geography Inspection 2016

DCG & Construction Studies Inspection 2013

Science & Physics Inspection 2011

SPHE Inspection 2009

Metalwork & Engineering Inspection 2009

French Inspection 2009

Maths Inspection 2009

Irish Inspection 2009

Whole School Evaluation 2009

German Inspection 2007

PE Inspection 2006