School Evaluation & Improvement


Internal Evaluation

Newpark is always seeking to improve as a school and in line with best practice, engages in School Improvement Planning (SIP) and School Self-Evaluation (SSE). In response to emerging evidence, the focus of this planning and evaluation changes on an annual or biennial basis, but always with the overall aim of improving one or more of learning, teaching, assessment and reporting (TLAR) in the School.

In the past, planning and evaluation has focused on improving areas ranging from the transition year program and literacy and numeracy to effective feedback and learner reflection and goal setting.


In 2021/2022, one of our focuses for school improvement was lesson planning in the context of one-hour classes. One-hour classes were initially introduced in September 2020 to support the provision of schooling in the context of the pandemic. In response to stakeholder feedback in 2020/2021, it was decided to continue with one-hour classes for the academic year 2021/2022. It was evident from consultation and feedback that one-hour lessons had improved teaching, learning, assessment, and reporting (TLAR) across the school, but further improvement to the student experience was sought by supporting teachers in adapting their lesson planning to suit one-hour lessons. Staff meeting time in 2021/2022 was dedicated to professional development sessions with both external and internal facilitators. Success in this area has been evident through ongoing feedback from staff and students and the effectiveness of one-hour lessons will continue to be monitored in the context of the SSE focus for the academic year 2022/2023.


In accordance with Circular Letter 0056/2022, it is intended that the School Self-Evaluation process in 2022/2023 will be used to review the impact of Covid-19 on student experiences, outcomes, wellbeing, motivation and engagement with learning.

In Newpark, the focus for the academic year 2022/2023 will be in the following two areas:

  • Managing student anxiety within the school community.
  • The effective use of technology to improve and support learning and teaching in the School.



External Evaluation

The Department of Education Inspectorate visits Newpark intermittently for a range of advisory, evaluation and research inspections. This engagement seeks to support the School in its continued improvement. Reports from inspections are available on the Department of Education website A link to each report can also be found below.


Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling report, 2021

WSE-MLL, 2020

English Inspection, 2019

French Inspection, 2017

Geography Inspection, 2016

DCG & Construction Studies Inspection, 2013

Science & Physics Inspection, 2011

SPHE Inspection, 2009

Metalwork & Engineering Inspection, 2009

French Inspection, 2009

Maths Inspection, 2009

Irish Inspection, 2009

Whole School Evaluation, 2009

German Inspection, 2007

PE Inspection, 2006