Guidance & Counselling

Jenny Crampton and Sheila Ahern are the guidance counsellors in Newpark. They work with students in relation to their career decisions, their academic concerns and their personal issues. Whatever the issue, they aim to give sensitive care and support to each student. Participation is always voluntary and the student’s right to confidentiality is respected.

Students wishing to make an appointment with either guidance counsellor can simply drop by one of their rooms. Jenny is in office 9 and Sheila is in office 6; both offices are on the middle floor. If you prefer, you can ask a teacher, your form teacher or your year head to seek an appointment for you. Or you can email either of them: and A session generally lasts 30 minutes, although depending on need, it could be shorter or longer.

The guidance counsellors also meet students in class; in junior cycle through the SPHE program and in senior cycle through the Careers Education program. This classroom contact, particularly from 4th to 6th year, is designed to both frame and complement the guidance counsellors’ one to one meetings with students over senior cycle.

Parents/guardians from all year groups are always welcome to get in touch, either by phone (01 2883724) or by email.

Jenny and Sheila are both members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC) and there is some excellent information for parents and students on the IGC website:

The guidance counsellors liaise and collaborate with parents/guardians, teaching colleagues, school nurses, chaplain, school management, employers, universities, colleges, training centres, social services, and external support services (psychologists, counsellors etc) as they feel this is an important element in offering a holistic service to the students of Newpark.

Please get in touch if you feel a guidance counsellor can be of assistance

Newpark Comprehensive School Guidance Plan, 2019