Student Use of Astro Pitch at Lunchtime


Day             Supervisor           Assigned years

Monday      Mr Doyle               1st and 6th years

Tuesday     Mr Davey              1st and 6th years

Thursday    Ms Farrell             2nd and TY

Friday         Ms Ormond           3rd and 5th years


Students bring their own soccer/basketball for lunchtime use of astro pitch.

Staff members supervising the Astro will wait for 10mins (up to 1.20pm) before allowing non assigned year groups to use the Astro.

If there are low numbers of assigned year group students using the Astro, staff members may invite other year groups to use the Astro.

Spectating students will be accommodated behind the fence of the Astro turf and not the dug outs.

Food and drink to be consumed outside the external Astro fence.