Calendar for 3rd Year CBAs and Assessment Tasks

As part of Junior Cycle reform, students engage in a new assessment procedures called Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) and Assessment Tasks.

When? Throughout 2nd and 3rd Year, as part of normal classroom practice, students will be assessed by their teachers. These assessments take place inside the regular timetable and form part of the fabric of ordinary classroom practice.  

The timetable below outlines the windows for when these assessments take place for 3rd Years. To ensure full engagement with CBAs, it is important that students attend school as scheduled.


Gaeilge (CBA1): By 22 November MFL: 6 Dec  
Visual Art: By 29 November Gaeilge (CBA2): 24 Feb – 13 March
Business: 22 Nov – 13 Dec   DML: By 27 March
Science: 22 Nov – 13 Dec   Religion: By 3 April
English: By 6 Dec   Artistic Performance: By 1 May  


Are these assessments certified? Yes. The results from the CBAs appear on each student’s JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement). This is issued after the State Examinations results in Transition Year.

Who assesses the students for CBAs? Classroom teachers do. The results are moderated by a committee of teachers to ensure integrity of results.

Is there an appeals process? No. There is no formal appeals process. These assessments are considered to be formative and should deepen students’ understanding of their subject areas. Students are encouraged to reflect on and learn from the experience of doing CBAs.

Assessment Tasks

In addition, students in 3rd Year must complete Assessment Tasks for a number of their subjects. These tasks take place over two class periods for each subject during an assigned week. They take place during normal timetabled class time under exam conditions.

The Assessment Task is worth 10% of the grade awarded by the State Examinations Commission. It is corrected by the State Examinations Commission.

It is important that students are in attendance to complete these tasks. This year, the Assessment Tasks are scheduled as follows:

English: 6 – 10 Jan Business: 6 – 10 Jan Gaeilge: 16 – 23 March
Science: 13 – 17 Jan MFL: 13 – 17 Jan  

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