Three opening events for the new School Buildings – 27th and 29th February 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Newpark will be holding three events to celebrate our new and refurbished school buildings. Please put them in your calendar, and we will remind you about them closer to the time.
NB: The school will be closed on Monday 29th February, though students are invited to attend from 2pm – see details below.


  1. Open Viewing of the new school building – Saturday 27th February, 10am-2pm
    An opportunity for friends, past pupils, neighbours and anyone else who’s interested to view the new building. The PTA will provide tea and coffee and some of the Student’s Council reps will act as guides. All Welcome!
  2. Official Opening Ceremony – Monday 29th February, 11am – 12:15pm in the GPA
    A mix of speeches, music and reminiscences by students, management and guests. The Archbishop will be present as Patron of Newpark, with representatives of the PTA, students, staff, past staff, politicians and loyal supporters who have done an enormous amount to get us to where we are. Given the limited space in the GPA, Prefects and Student Council Reps have priority for tickets which they can collect from 25th – 29th January in the library. There will be further information on the distribution of remaining tickets.This is a ticket only event.
  3. Celebration Day – Monday 29th February, 2pm – 6pm
    Celebration Day is the big event! It is for all students, staff and parents & guardians and we want to see you all there! There’s a lot in the pipeline – music, drama, sport, games, readings, fashion show, Art Installations and more. A full list of activities is being planned and you will get information nearer the time. The idea is to have an event for ourselves which is fun and inclusive and a celebration of all that’s good about Newpark! It’s a first and a once off so we’re not quite sure how it will go but the more people that join in, the better.